Architectural Structures

TJB Design is also noted for its skill in creating large architectural structures, large scale 3D architectural models and specialist props. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Featured Architectural Structures


Turnberry Lighthouse Model for Mini Golf Course, New Brighton


This is a 4 metre high model of the Turnberry Lighthouse and its outbuildings, which we built for the company Championship Miniature Golf Limited. It is sited at the New Brighton Resort. They are timber constructions, clad entirely in glass fibre.


architectural structures     architectural structures


Here are some more photographs of the model under construction:


architectural structures   architectural structures   architectural structures   architectural structures


Bedouin Tent Structure in GRP for Mini Golf Course, New Brighton



architectural structures


This Bedouin Tent structure is built from 6 GRP segments that were bolted together on site to create a very rigid assembly. Completed, it measures 3.5 metres high by 5.75 metres at its widest.


Laboratory Installation


Featured here are some elements of the large installation moulded from patterns made by John Rock of TJB Design. For the completed construction please see image on the extreme left. It is situated in the Queen Mary, University of London. As well as being a striking aesthetic feature, the installation itself houses an internal laboratory.

architectural structures

architectural structures   architectural structures

architectural structures


This installation proved a challenging task, due to the complex nature of the geometry necessary for each section to fit accurately with its neighbour. Pictured here are several shots of the sections after moulding, and the successful final installation. Note the large drums in photo 3, to give you an idea of the scale of the structure.

The dimension of the final assembly were approximately 52ft in length, by 26ft in diameter.


Other Architectural Structures


Lichfield Cathedral Architectural Model


This project involved the production of a 38 feet high, semi-scale model of Lichfield Cathedral for the Stoke Garden Festival. This was made as a one off construction, using plywood and timber clad in layers of glass fibre with fine detail added, before the final application of a stone texture surface. It was built in approximately seven 4 metre high sections and assembled on site. It was commissioned by Lichfield City Council as the centre piece of their garden exhibit at the festival.


architectural structures    architectural structures

architectural structures    architectural structures



Castle Facade for the Newbury Show


This project involved the creation of a stylised replica of Donnington Castle which was erected annually for the Newbury Show in Berkshire. It was a one off construction made using a similar technique to the Lichfield Cathedral project as detailed above. It was erected annually for a two week period and when not in use was stored inside the barn.

architectural structures     architectural structures

architectural structures


Architectural mouldings for St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Rugeley, Staffordshire


architectural structures       architectural structures


GRP was chosen as the replacement material for the dilapidated stone originals during its restoration programme on cost and weight considerations, the latter due to weak foundations. Below is one section (of about twenty) which made up the balustrade assemblies, shown above being hoisted into position. They were rendered in a stone textured finish to blend in with the existing stonework. They have been a feature of the church since 1981.


architectural structures


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