Scale Model Makers/Products

TJB Design are also skilled scale model makers.

As stated previously, model and pattern making are not just TJB’s livelihood but also personal interests, and this only benefits them as scale model makers as it creates passion and drive to complete projects accurately and professionally.


Scale Model Makers/Products – Example Work


For examples of our extra large architectural models please click onto our Architectural Structures page.


Bluebird scale model


Pictured here is a scale model of Donald Campbell’s famous Bluebird K7 hydroplane. This model was 1/5 scale and just over 5 feet long. John Rock liaised with the late Ken Norris, the designer of Bluebird, to ensure an accurate reproduction. The first one made was powered by our own designed and constructed gas turbine.



Toy Beach Buggy and Jeep




We designed and manufactured these children’s toy vehicles in quantity during the 1970s. They were powered by a 50cc two stroke engine and each carried two average sized children. Similar products could be designed and manufactured to your specification and requirements, possibly using more eco-friendly electric power.


Supermarine S6B large flying model



Large period dolls’ house (to 1:12 scale)


The house is sold in various stages of completion, ready for you to personalise and decorate to your own specification. Pictured below is an example that has been painted.

Commissions taken for scale models of your property or a bespoke doll’s house.



Below are four views of the house, ready for painting and fitting out. Please click on the images to see the high degree of detail.





Bait Boat



This TJB designed and manufactured bait boat features a large capacity divided hopper, full set of navigation lights, twin tunneled fully guarded propellers, and is fast, maneuverable and extremely economical on power consumption. We have had excellent customer feedback about its reliability, long battery life and general quality of build. Price on application.

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